The Long Road to Paris

Ed and Janet Howle

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Spies, sex, and secret technology from WWII comprise this fast-paced thriller. The twists and turns of the plot involve a dangerous liaison between the car's driver and his secretive navigator and an inventor who hides the nature of the radical technology. While competing in the first around-the-world auto race in 100 years, this unsuspecting team must evade serious threats from both China and Russia as the impact from the technology is so revolutionary that oil-exporting countries want every trace of it destroyed and countries lacking adequate energy resources want to steal it.

"The Long Road to Paris offers intrigue, a highly original plot, fascinating characters, history, technology, travel, romance, espionage, emotion, and everything an adventure-lover could want."
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Writer's Digest judge,
Nov. 2012

“Fast cars, fast women, and fast thinking comprise this solid, utterly entertaining thriller.”
Kirkus Reviews
Oct. 2011
“A competent thriller that should please fans of adventure and suspense alike."
Blue Ink Reviews
Oct. 2011
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"The characters, both heroes and villains, are, individually and collectively, strong enough to carry this narrative; a most exciting thriller."
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Writer's Digest Review,

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