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ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4568-1858-6
ISBN 13 (HB): 978-1-4568-1859-3
ISBN 13 (eBook): 978-1-4568-1860-9

Until 2008, no one had attempted another around the world car race. Then on May 28, to celebrate the centennial of the longest race of all times, thirty-two antique cars set out from Times Square New York, to race west across the United States, Russia, and Europe; their destination, Paris.

A man and a woman, strangers to each other, are hired by an inventor as the driver and navigator of his car. They do not know that they are actually testing a car that has been modified in such a radical way that oil exporting countries, including Russia, would want every trace of the car destroyed. Neither do they know that China, lacking adequate energy resources, and under pressure to reduce pollution, would want to steal it.

One month into the race, Ed Talbot, the driver, discovers that the car’s inventor is not the only one keeping secrets. He finds himself on the Trans-Siberian highway, only miles from China’s border, thrown into a world of international espionage, murder, betrayal, and a face-off between two nuclear powers. As a dangerous liaison develops between Ed and his navigator, he discovers his own need to blanket the truth in lies. Determined to deliver the car to Paris, his only possible ally is his captivating but secretive navigator, Marie-Claire Levieux. But can he trust her? All this and more unfold as readers are dramatically swept from America to Asia to Europe in the fast-paced suspense of The Long Road to Paris.



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